Only a Mobile Time Tracker User who is also a Salesforce User in the Org can track time within Salesforce.

A Salesforce User who is also a Mobile Time Tracker (TT User) user can Check-In to a Project within Salesforce.

The TT User must be linked with his Salesforce user ID in the TT user screen, only then the TT user can track time for Project.

Click here to know more about linking the TT User ID with Salesforce User ID. Once the TT User ID and Salesforce IDs are interlinked the Salesforce User must log in to the Salesforce ID and click the Mobile Time Tracker Tile from App Launcher.

Then the logged-in User sees all the Time Tracker related Tabs on the Screen, and at the bottom of the screen is a button as "Track Time" in the utility bar (above the Taskbar).

  • Click the Track Time button
  • The Time Tracker User (Logged in Salesforce User) sees the First, Second and Third Level Objects (Project/Task/ Worktype or the objects configured in your org) with a Check-In button
  • Select the Project, Task, and Worktype and
  • Click the Check-In button.

Now the Time Tracker User has Checked in for the Project and the Check-in details are shown under TT Details Tab in Salesforce. The Check Type is set as "Work" for the TT details which are Checked-in from Salesforce.

Note: If the TT User is linked with Salesforce ID and even then if the logged-in Salesforce User is not able to see the "Track Time" button, please contact your Salesforce Administrator.