We have identified an issue that may affect users who have not clocked out or checked out of their previous session for an extended period, typically spanning several days. If you encounter the error message shown in the screenshot below when attempting to clock out, please follow the steps outlined below to resolve the issue promptly:

Issue Description:

If a user has clocked in and not clocked out for several days, the mobile session may expire. Upon attempting to clock out after this period, the user will encounter the specified error message.

Resolution Steps:

1. Administrator Action:

   - Salesforce administrators are required to update TimeTracker (TT) Details with the correct clock-out time for the affected user.


2. User Action:

   - After the administrator has updated the TT Details, the user must log out of the TimeTracker app on their mobile device.

   - Subsequently, re-login to the TimeTracker app.

Important Note:

This issue also applies to the Check-Out function. If a user has not checked out of the previous entry for several days, they will encounter a similar issue.

Preventive Measure:

To avoid encountering this issue in the future, we strongly recommend that all TimeTracker users perform the following actions daily:

  • Clock-Out at the end of each work session.
  • Check-out when completing work on a project.