Sometimes you see an error message as in the screenshot below when you try to Clock-Out on the TimeTracker Mobile app.

This is because

  • You have Clocked-In and left the app without clocking out even after 24 hours of Clock-In,
  • The app gets refreshed on the mobile when the calendar date changes. And the Objects lists gets updated on the device,
  • But the Clock-In is still active and is not Clocked-Out when the calendar date changes,
  • When you try to Clock-Out, you see the message as in the screenshot, and not able to Clock-Out,
  • To fix this issue, please ask the Salesforce Administrator to update the Clock-Out date and time manually in the TT details object for this Clock-In record,
  • Then logout and re-login to the TimeTracker application and start using the app again for tracking time.

Note: You might see the same issue with the Check-In, and can fix it using the same method as you did for Clock-In.