To generate an invoice manually:

  • Navigate to the Invoicing tab.
  • Click on the "New Invoice" button.
  • Select the appropriate Account and Contact. If there is only one Contact linked to the selected Account, the Contact field will be auto-filled.
  • The Invoice date is automatically set to the current date by default.
  • The due date is automatically set to one month from the invoice date.

Select the Project and time details for the Project,

  • Navigate to the Projects section and select the desired project.
  • Click on the clock icon to access time entries associated with the selected project.
  • Review all the time entries displayed. Only time entries with the Approved status will be visible.
  • Select the relevant time entries for invoicing by clicking the checkbox for the required  time entry.
  • The system will automatically populate the Actual & Total Billable Hours based on the selected time entries. You can edit these values if necessary.
  • If there are multiple projects related to the same account, repeat the same process for each project to select time details.

Adding Materials (non-time related items that you have used for the Project) for invoicing

  • Navigate to the Materials tab.
  • Select the materials you have used and wish to bill.

To adjust the invoice:

    • You can check the time details that are selected for billing,
    • If you've mistakenly selected a wrong time entry for billing, remove it by clicking the remove button from the Time Details tab. Then, recalculate the invoice by clicking the calculator icon.
    • Verify the tax, surcharge, and any other applicable fees.
    • Once everything is accurate, save the changes.
    • The invoice is now generated for the account.

Click here to know more about sending out an individual invoice to a Contact.

Note: It's crucial to ensure that either the "Hourly Loaded Cost" and "Hourly Billing Rate" fields are added to the TT user object for the user.


The "Billing Rate" and "Project Hourly Rate" fields are added to the Projects object. Only with these rates specified at either the user or project level can invoices be generated accurately in your organization.

If the rate is not specified at the user or project level, the calculations will default to 0 and cannot be billed.

You can also set up a scheduler to generate the invoices automatically, by following the instructions here.