You can generate invoices in your org by enabling a scheduler in your org.

The invoices get generated according to the time set up in the scheduler. You can then check the invoices and email them to the customers.

To enable the scheduler

  • Go to Setup, and search for Apex Classes,
  • Click on Schedule Apex, and enter the Job name as Generate Invoices,
  • Search and select "InvoiceQualifiedAccountSchedulerClass" in the Apex class field,
  • Set the date and time to generate invoices automatically in the Frequency field,
  • Save it.

Note: Please make sure you add the "Hourly Loaded Cost" and "Hourly Billing Rate" in the TT user screen for the user

Add the "Billing Rate" and the "Project Hourly Rate" in the Projects object. Only then do the invoices get created in your org.


  • If you select the weekly option in Frequency and select the days, the invoices get created only weekly basis.
  • If you select Monthly and select the day(date), the invoice gets generated on the specific date that you selected.