To generate an invoice,

  • Go to the TT Invoice Headers tab,
  • Click the New Invoice button that is on the right-hand top of the screen,
  • Select the Account and Contact, (if there is only one Contact linked to the selected Account, the Contact is auto-filled),
  • Select the Invoice and Due Dates,
  • Select the Project related to the selected Account,
  • Enter the details like Actual & Total Billable Hours,
  • Click the Materials tab if you have used any materials and want to include those in the invoice,
  • Checked the Invoice Tax, Surcharge, etc., and Save it.
  • The Invoice is now generated for an account.

Click here to know more about sending out an individual invoice to a Contact.

Note: Please make sure you add the "Hourly Loaded Cost" and "Hourly Billing Rate" in the TT user object for the user

Add the "Billing Rate" and the "Project Hourly Rate" in the Projects object. Only then do the invoices get created in your org.