Multiline Time Entry:

The Multiline Time Entry screen enables users to input multiple time records simultaneously. This functionality is employed to log time already expended on a Project/Job. Users can submit up to 10 time records concurrently. To input time, one must select the Project, Task, Work Type, Start Date and Time, add the hours worked, and click the Submit button.


For entering time details across multiple days, users can utilize the Multi-Day tab. After logging into the web app, navigate to the Multi-Day tab and specify the date range for entering time details. Choose the Project, Task, and Work Type, input the hours worked, and click the Submit button to save the time details. The object list may vary based on the configuration set up by the administrator in your organization.

In cases where you are working on the same Project, Task, and Work Types, you have the option to copy time details by selecting the "Copy from Previous Period" option. This feature streamlines the process, eliminating the need to reselect Project and other details each time you enter time.


  • You can also attach files related to the time details in the Multi-Day screen. Click here to know more. 
  • By default, you see TT Project, Worktype, and Task objects for Check-Ins, the objects are customizable.
  • Please get in touch with the Salesforce Administrator at your org to change the First, Second, or Third level objects for tracking time.