You can now enter your time details and add attachments to it. To avail this feature please upgrade the PK4 TimeTracker application to version 1.156 in your Salesforce org.

  • To add attachments, go to the Multi-day sub-tab in the Multiline Time Entry screen,
  • Enter the time details and submit the time,
  • Then you see the Attachments string, click it,
  • You see an option to upload the file, select the file and upload it.
    • You can add any number of attachments in the Multi-day screen.
    • The app supports the files up to 20 MB files in attachments.

You can view the attached file by clicking on the file name in the attachment pop-up.

Click the X button to delete/remove the attached file.


  • You can attach the files, only if you have entered the time using the Multi-Day page in the Web app.
  • You cannot attach the files if you have entered the time using the TimeTracker Salesforce or the Mobile application.
  • The attached files are emailed to your Manager if you follow the approval process through email.
  • When you attach a file using the web app multi-day, page, the attached files are shown only in the approval email. 
  • The current build does not support showing the attached files in Salesforce, which will be implemented soon.