The Task is a type of work that you assign to the users. And Milestone is added as a reminder for yourself to check the status of the assigned Task.

Imagine you assigned Tasks to certain users, the Task assignment start date is from 1st May to 15th May. You should set up the milestone (reminder) for the 1th of May, that you need to talk to all the users and check the statuses of the assigned Tasks.

e. g:

  • A house renovation project is assigned to you
  • You assign a house visit and inspection Task to John from the 1st to the 3rd of May,
  • Assign the wall demolition work to Andrew from the 3rd to the 5th of May
  • Assign the Electrical fixture, flooring, etc., to Jacob from 5th to 15th May.

Now, as the Tasks are assigned to the users, all the assigned tasks should be completed by the 16th of May. You should set up a Milestone for yourself on the 10th of May, so that you can talk to the user John, Andrew, and Jacob about the status of the assigned tasks.

If any task is still pending, then instruct the users to complete the task so the renovated house can be delivered to the owner on time.

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