Yes, you can enable two different time tracking components on the same screen.

e.g: You can add Live Tracking and Manual Entry Time Tracking component to an object. Click here to know more about adding the Live Tracking component and here to add the Manual Entry component to the view page of an object.

I have taken opportunities as examples to explain

I enabled both Manual Tracking and Live Tracking components to Opportunity and I can track time using the Live Tracker, and also do a manual entry using the Manual Tracking component.

Let's see how we can track time using both the Time Tracking components

  • Go to an Opportunity view page and select the objects in the Live Tracking screen as Project, Task, etc., (you can configure the objects for tracking time as per your requirement)
  • Click the Check-In button, you are now Checked in and the Check-In details are saved in the TT Details tab
  • You now see the Pause and a  Check-Out button on the Live Tracking screen,
  • As you are tracking time using the Live Tracker, you can also do Manual Tracking by entering the time details in the Manual tracking component.
  • The Check-In details you entered in the Manual Tracking component are also saved in the TT details tab.
  • You can take a coffee/tea or a lunch break and pause tracking time
  • Click the Pause button in the Live Tracking component, once you click the Pause button you are Checked-Out and the Check-Out time is updated on the TT Details screen
  • As you paused tracking time, you see a restart button in the Live tracking component, once you are back from the break click the Restart button to start tracking time again,
  • As you restarted to track time, the Check-In details get created and those details are saved in the TT details tab
  • Click the Check-Out button, once you finish tracking time.

Note: You can add the Auto Tracking component to an object and track time simultaneously for both the objects using the Auto Tracking and Live Tracking components. Click here to know more.