Yes, you can add different types of time tracking components to the objects in Salesforce and track time to both the objects simultaneously.

Let's say you want to track time to Opportunity and at the same time you want to track time to Accounts.

  • Enable the Live Tracking component to Opportunity by following the instructions here.
  • Enable the Auto Tracking component to Accounts by following the instructions here

To track time

  • Go to the Oppty view page, and click the Check-In button in the Live Tracking component,
  • You are now Checked-In and the Check-In details are shown in the TT details tab
  • As you are tracking time to Opporty, you remember you need to update something in Accounts,
  • Click the Pause button, in Opportunity in the Live Tracking screen and go to the Accounts view page
  • As the Auto Tracking is enabled in the Accounts object, the time is tracked automatically for that Account when you go to the account view page,
  • Once you finish working on the account, you can directly get back to the Opportunity that you were working on earlier and click the "Restart" button,
  • Now you are checked out of Accounts and Checked in to Opportunity again,

Time Details

In the above process, you will see 3-time details

  1. The Check-In and Check-Out of Opportunity were created when you click the Check-In and the Pause button for an opportunity using the Live Tracking. (When you click the pause button, the time stops tracking and you are automatically Checked out)
  2. Check-In and Check-Out entry for Accounts from the auto-tracking,
  3. Another Check-In entry of Opportunity when you click the Restart button.

Live Tracking component on Opportunity

Auto Tracker in the Accounts object

Time details tracked from Opportunity and from Accounts

Note: You can add Manual Entry, auto tracker, or the Live Tracking components to the objects to track time simultaneously, as an example I chose Live tracking and Auto-tracking in this article.