There are some default approval statuses in the PK4 TimeTracker application as 

  • Pending Approval
  • Approved
  • Awaiting Correction
  • Rejected

To create a new Approval Status, 

  • Log in to Salesforce as Administrator,
  • Click on Setup and go to TT Details Object
  • Click on the Fields and Relationship from the Details menu
  • In the Quick find search for Approval Status and click it
  • Scroll down to the Values section and click the New button
  • Add a new Approval Status in the screen below and click the Save button and add a new Approval Status

e.g: You can create a new Approval Status as "Unsubmitted" and set it as default.

By default, the approval status is set as "Pending Approval" in the PK4 TimeTracker application. You can change the default value to any other Approval Status by following the instructions here.