The PK4 TimeTracker application allows you to track time using the Chrome Extension application.


To track time using the Chrome Extension, install the PK4 TimeTracker Chrome extension app on the Laptop/Desktop by clicking the link below.



Download the zip file, and add the Chrome Extension app to the browser for easy access

1. Click on the More Tools - Extensions on your browser

2. Click on Load Unpacked.

3. Then click on Downloads, and click the Time Tracker and select the folder




Click on Load Unpacked,



Click the Load Unpacked button and go to Downloads and click the Time Tracker file in the list. Then click the Select folder button to install the chrome extension app.




The PK4 TimeTracker chrome Extension app is installed on your Laptop/Desktop




Once the PK4 TimeTracker Chrome Extension app is installed, click the extension icon on the Laptop/Desktop. Pin the PK4 TimeTracker app for easy access on the browser for tracking time.






  • Login to the PK4 TimeTracker Chrome Extension app


The Salesforce Administrator at your org creates an User ID for you to access the Time Tracker for Salesforce.

Once the user ID is created for you, you get an email with App Key, Employee ID and a Password.


To login to the Time Tracker for Salesforce, click the Time Tracker for Salesforce icon on the browser,

Enter the App Key, Employee ID and the Password to login and start tracking time for Projects. 






  • l App Key, ID and Password


  • u App Key: App Key is an identifier that you use to login to the PK4 Time Tracker app, 
  • u Employee ID: It is an unique ID which is set for you to login to the Mobile Time Tracker application
  • u Password: You must enter the same PW that you got in the email to login to the PK4 Time Tracker Chrome app. The Password is saved and the same password must be used for future login.


  • l Track Time/Check-In


Once you login to the PK4 TimeTracker Chrome Extension app, you see the option to select the Projects, Task, and Work type and a Check-in button,

Select the Project, Task, and Work Type and click the Check-In button to Check-In



The time is tracked once you click the Check-In button, you see the Check-In time, duration, the Project you are working on in the Time Tracker for Salesforce screen.

Click the Check-Out button after you finish working on the Project.




All the Check-In/Outs made using the PK4 TimeTracker Chrome Extension app are saved in Salesforce and are visible for the Managers you report to.


The Mobile Time Tracker Chrome Extension app allows you to Check-In to Projects easily on the browser. As you are logging in to the app on your own Laptop/Desktop, you can leave the app logged in, and whenever you want to track time, you can only select the Project, Task and Work type, and Check-In.


The app is logged in until you log out manually or the data connection on the browser is lost.