Now the TimeTracker Users can request the Paid Time Off from his/her phone using the PK4 TimeTracker application.

To request a Paid Time Off, 

  • Log in to the PK4 TimeTracker application on your device
  • From the menu list, click on the Paid Time Off Tab
  • There are two Tabs 
    • Recent: This Tab shows the list of PTO's (Paid Time Off) requested by you earlier
    • New: You can request for a PTO from New tab/screen

  • Click the new tab and enter the PTO Start Date Time
  • End Date and Time
  • Select the PTO type and click the save button

  • Now the PTO request is saved and the Manager to whom you report sees the PTO requests for approvals in Salesforce
  • Your Manager approves the PTO's from Salesforce
  • You see the PTO Approved/Rejected or still pending approval status in the Recent tab on the device under PTO Requests.