You can track time for Clock-ins and Check-ins using the PK4 TimeTracker application.

By default, you see the Projects, Task, and Work types objects for tracking time. You might see a different object for tracking time because of the configurations set up in your org by your Salesforce Administrator.

There are two types of users,

  1. Individual User: The Individual user has an option only to Check-In.
  2. Personal User: The Personal user has the option for both Clock-In and Check-In

If you are set as Personal User, you have options to Clock-in and then Check-in.

  • After you log in to the PK4 TimeTracker application, you see the Clock-In button, click it
  • You see a Red Start button at the bottom of the device Screen,
  • Click the Red button, to Check-In to Job or Travel
  • Click the Start-Job or Start Travel button (as per your requirement) and select the Project, Task, and Work type, and Check-In to Job/Travel.
  • Once you finish Travel/Job, click on Stop Travel/Job button and Check Out
  • Then click the Clock-Out button and then log out of the PK4 TimeTracker application.

If you are an Individual User,

  • Log in to the PK4 TimeTracker application, and click the Check-In button,
  • You see the Project, Task, and Work types, listed on the screen, 
  • Select the Project, Task, and Work Type and click the Done button to Check-In
  • After you finish the Job, click the Stop Job button to stop tracking time and to Check-Out
  • Log out of the PK4 TimeTracker application at the end of the day