Only the TimeTracker user that is a Team lead can Clock-In and Check-In the team members on an device.

The Salesforce Administrator at your org creates a TimeTracker User ID for you, and the user details are emailed to you with the App Key, Employee ID, and Password.

Install the PK4 TimeTracker application on your device from App Store or from the Google Play Store, and log in to the app using login credentials.

  • After you log in to the PK4 TimeTracker app, you see your name and your team member's names with a Clock In button
  • Clock In yourself and the team members,
  • Once you clock in yourself, you see a Red start button at the bottom of the device screen,
  • Click the Start button, select the Job/Project from the list,
  • Click the Done button to Check-In yourself and your team members to the Job/Project
  • Click the Stop Job button to end the Job and check-out
  • Click the clock-out button for team members and for yourself to Clock-Out.
  • Now the time is tracked for you and your team members.