To access the Multi Check-In screen in Salesforce, the TT user must also be a Salesforce user. The Salesforce administrator at the org must link the Salesforce User ID with TT user ID while creating the TT user ID in Salesforce. Click here to know more about linking of TT User with Salesforce user

After the TT user is linked with Salesforce User the Salesforce user can see the Multi Check-In screen upon login to Salesforce. TT User can use the Multi check-in screen to enter the time details which she has worked already.

TT User can enter up to 5-time details/entries at a time by selecting the Project, Task (or the objects which are set up/configured in the org for tracking time) Start Date, Start Time and the Hours worked on the Job/Project and click the submit button.

Once the TT user clicks the submit button the time details are saved un TT Details tab.

If the TT user works on multiple Jobs/Projects in a day the TT user can log in to Salesforce at the end of the day or after each job and submit their time records.