There are 5 types of users

  • Individual User
  • Personal User
  • Team User 
  • Kiosk User 
  • A user to track time in Salesforce

Each user type has a different type of functionality

Individual UserAn Individual User is a user who only Checks In/Out of different projects. Could be a Financial Planner or a Lawyer. The company does not care about how many hours they spend at work, because they are salaried employees. The company just wants to know  how much time the User has spent on different projects 

For creating Individual User type, enable the CheckBox "Allow Individual use, not Team use" and User Type as Individual user while creating an ID for them in Salesforce.

Click here to know more about creating an Individual User

Personal User in Team Mode: A Personal User is someone that has an option to Clock In /Out and Check-In/Out of individual projects. This could be someone like an individual technician working on multiple projects. She would also most probably be an hourly employee.

For creating Personal User, enable the CheckBox "Allow Personal Check-In, in Team mode" and User Type as Personal user while creating an ID for them in Salesforce.

Click here to know more about creating a user with a Personal Login type

Team User: A Team User is someone that is part of a team. Here only the Team Leader logs in to the Time Tracker for Salesforce application, and Clocks In himself and his team members. When he Checks in for a Job or Project, all Clocked in members of his team are automatically checked in. This is generally meant for construction and installation teams, where only the Team Lead has the Time Tracker app installed on his mobile. Generally, these are hourly workers, so their exact work hours are important from Clock-In/Out records. 

Click here to know more about creating a Time Tracker Team Lead ID

Kiosk UserA Kiosk User is someone that can Clock-In/Out, Check-In/Out multiple users. The Kiosk would generally be used in an office entrance, warehouse entrance, factory. Workers would Clock themselves in as they came into work. Can Check-In/Out of projects too.

Click here to know more about creating a Kiosk User.

User to track time in Salesforce: You should create a user as an individual user, and add them to the Manage License list for tracking time in Salesforce, click here to know more

Create Users as per your company requirement.

Note: If you select both " Allow Individual use, not Team use" and "Allow Personal Check-in, in Team Mode" then by default the Time Tracker User is set to Individual user, not team use, and the user has the option only to Check-In/Out and do not see the Clock-In/Out options.