The Time Tracker users can use the Web application to track their time.

The Salesforce administrator creates a user ID for you, and you get an email with the AppKey, Employee ID, and Password.

Click the link below on your Laptop/Desktop and enter the App Key, Employee ID, and a Password to login to the PK4 Time Tracker Web app

Once you log in to the Web app you see the Multiline Time Entry tab, you can use this screen to enter multiple time details that you already worked on the Projects/Jobs.

Use the Check-In button to track the time for the Project/Job that you are currently working on.

Click the Check-In button, select the Project, Task, or list that is set up in your org, and click the Check-in button to start tracking time.

Once you finish the work, click the Check-Out button and Check-Out.

The hours that you worked on the Project from Check-in to Check-Out are tracked and shown in Salesforce.

If you are a Manager, and people report to you, you can approve the time details from the web app and approve the time details of the users that report to you.