A user set as Individual User is a user that has an option only to Check-In/Out for Jobs/Projects. The Individual User does not have an option to Clock-In/Out, in the Time Tracker for Salesforce app.

Setting up an Individual User

  • Click the new button from the Users tab in Salesforce
  • Enter the User details, fields marked in Red are mandatory fields,
  • Select the "Allow Individual Use, not Team Use" Check Box,
  • Set the User type as Individual User
  • Select the App Key from the AppKey field 
    • Select the same App Key that the User should use to log in to the Mobile Time Tracker application
  • Click the save button.


  1. It is not necessary to create a new App Key every time when you create a New User
  2. Multiple App Keys must be created in the org, only if there are different locations with different configuration setup for users to track time

Once the user ID is created in Salesforce, the user details like App Key, Employee ID, and a password are emailed to the user. Please ask the user to use the same credentials to log in to the Time Tracker for Salesforce application.

Other fields in the User screen

  • Hourly loaded Cost: This is the hourly Cost-to-Company for this employee
  • Hourly Billing Rate: This is the hourly rate that you charge to customers for this employee
  • Fully Loaded Cost: This is a formula field. It is a calculation of the Hourly Loaded Cost x  Hours Worked
  • Billable Amount: This is a formula field. It is a calculation of the Hourly Billing Rate x Hours Worked