To enable the additional fields in the auto tracker component (console app)

An example object, such as Cases, is used here to demonstrate the functionality.

To set up the auto tracker with additional fields

  1. Click on 'Set up' and navigate to 'Edit Page' for the Case view.

  2. Search for 'Tabs' in the Quick Find and drag-and-drop it onto the Case view page.

  3. Name the component, for example, 'Auto Tracker.'

  4. Search for 'Auto Record (console app)' and add it to the component tab.

  5. Click on the tab you just added to see the options to add the additional fields,

  6. You should add the API names of the fields in the "Additional Fields (Multiple fields separated by commos)", and Save the configuration, and activate it.

  7. The users can add the additional information while tracking time.

Please note: Only the fields from TT Details object can be enabled for the additional fields.

The additional field does not support look up fields from the TT details object such as Accounts, etc.,