Auto-Tracker Lighting Component: Restart vs. Separate**

The auto-tracker lighting component offers two configuration options: Restart and Separate. Let's explore how each option works, using the Case object as an example.


  • Tracks time spent on the Case view page, even if you switch to other objects in different tabs.
  • Continues tracking if you click links within the Case view that open related objects in new tabs.
  • Tracks time spent navigating to and working in related tabs, such as Activities, TT Details, Comments, etc.
  • Pauses tracking when you leave the Case view page.

Note: Clicking "View All" on a list view within a related tab will stop the timer.


  • Enables tracking time on multiple Cases opened in separate tabs simultaneously.
  • Maintains time tracking even if you open new browser tabs or switch browsers.
  • Tracks time continuously until you close the Case tab.
  • Similar to Restart, it tracks time spent in related tabs while adding or editing information.

Key Difference:

  • Restart: Tracks time on only one Case at a time. When you switch Cases, the timer restarts for the new Case.
  • Separate: Tracks time on each Case independently in separate tabs.

Choosing the Right Option:

  • The best option depends on your workflow. If you typically focus on one Case at a time, Restart is suitable. If you frequently work on multiple Cases simultaneously, Separate provides a more accurate picture of your time spent.