You can now efficiently manage your tasks by assigning specific start and end times.

Follow these steps to create a new Task Assignment:

1. Navigate to the Gantt tab.

2. Click on the "New Assignment" button.

3. Enter a name for the Task Assignment.

4. Specify the start and end dates for the assignment.

5. While selecting the dates in the calendar screen, notice the clock icon. Click on it to set the start and end times for the Task Assignment.

6. Once you have chosen the appropriate times, click the "Done" button.

7. Save your Task Assignment.

Try out this feature to streamline your task-scheduling process.

If you don't specify the start and end times during the initial assignment, the default time is set to 12:00 a.m. However, you have the flexibility to adjust the start and end times later using the edit page of an Task Assignment