There are default tabs and configurable tabs displayed in the TimeTracker web app.

Default tabs: These tabs are the ones automatically visible in the TimeTracker web app.

1. Approval: This tab is visible only if the logged user serves as a Reporting Manager to the TimeTracker users.

2. Multiline: This tab is used for entering time details.

3. My Time: This tab shows the user's previous time entries with approval status, such as Approved, Rejected, Awaiting Correction, etc.

4. Dashboards

Configurable Tabs:

1. Multi-Day: This tab is useful for entering time for multiple days on the same project. Users can select the Project, Task, etc., once and enter time for a week or fortnight.

2. Weekly: This tab allows users to enter time for a week by selecting the Project, Task, etc., only once.

Tabs by License: The PTO and Expenses tabs are add-ons in the TimeTracker application. Users will see these tabs only if they have the corresponding add-on license.

1. PTO: This tab allows users to request Paid Time Off.

2. Expenses: Users can use this tab to enter expenses and submit them for approval and reimbursement.