We can now configure the app to show the date range below

  • This-week - shows data for this week

  • Last-week - shows data for last week

  • This-month - shows data for this month

  • Last-month - shows data for last month

  • This-1st-or-16th - shows data for the current 1-15 or 16-EOM range

  • Last-1st-or-16th - shows data for the past 1-15 or 16-EOM range


  • By default, the Time Review screen shows the data for the current week, 
  • If you wish to change the default date range in the Time Review page, please contact us at support@pk4.techCurrently, the default date range for the Time Review page must be configured from the backend. However, we are actively working on implementing a solution to allow the admin users to set the default date range using the app configuration page.