We can now configure the app to show the date range below

  • This-week - shows data for this week

  • Last-week - shows data for last week

  • This-month - shows data for this month

  • Last-month - shows data for last month

  • This-1st-or-16th - shows data for the current month 1-15 or 16-EOM range

  • Last-1st-or-16th - shows data for the past month 1-15 or 16-EOM range


By default, if this flag is not set, data is shown for the current week.

If you wish to change the default date range on the Approvals page, please contact us at support@pk4.techCurrently, the default date range for the Approvals page must be configured from the backend. However, we are actively working on implementing a solution to allow the admin users to set the default date range directly from the front end.