There are some default dashboards in the TimeTracker web app, that show your data.

  • Hours by day,
  • Hours By This Week
  • Hours of last 15 days,
  • Project wise details, etc.,

  1. All these dashboards display data specific to the logged-in user by default.
  2. However, the "Hours on Cases" dashboard is unique as it provides information on the hours worked by all users in your organization on Cases.

Other features in the Dashboards,

  • There are additional dashboards saved in the widgets file. Click the Settings button to view dashboards that are not currently shown on the screen. You can drag and drop dashboards from the Widgets list to view them.
  • If you decide to remove a dashboard from the current view by clicking the X button on the Dashboard tile, it will be saved in the Widgets list. You can drag and drop these saved dashboards back onto the screen at any time you want to view them.