As the QBD Admin user who's set up to use the sync mechanism between PK4 TimeTracker and QBD, you will receive an email at the end of each sync cycle, if the process generates any errors. The errors generated are mostly on the QBD side, since it has a number of restrictions in terms of text length, exclusion of special characters and so on. There may also be errors on the Salesforce side if the QuickBooks List ID can't be updated into the Salesforce source record.

Here are some of the most common errors, explained.

  • The QuickBooks record has also changed since the last sync. The sync mechanism assumes that Salesforce is the "master" of all common data. So, in each sync run, Salesforce tries to update QBD with any data that may have changed within Salesforce. If that data has also changed on the QBD side in the meantime (i.e. between sync runs), this error shows up and the rec is not synced.
  • The "<QBD field name>" field has an invalid value "*removed for security*". This happens with fields like the Employee SSN, where a TT User record has been created on the Salesforce side but there's no equivalent record in QBD. So the sync process tries to write a new Employee record with the new TT User data. If QBD Payroll has been enabled, this will fail because QBD Payroll expects that the full address of new Employees and their SSN be included in the submitted info. Since the SSN field is (typically) not available in Salesforce, QBD finds no data in that field, tries to mask the display of that field using an internal string ("removed for security") and fails. Resolve this by setting up a new Employee in QBD with first and last names identical to the data in Salesforce.
  • The string "<some string>" in the field "<some field name>" is too long. QBD typically supports upto 41 characters in each text field. If the incoming data from Salesforce is longer than that, this error appears. Resolve this by removing additional text in the source field in Salesforce before the next sync run.

If you'd like to know more about the PK4 TimeTracker-QBD Sync process, here's an article with a description and a number of issues and  caveats.