For sending multiple invoices to an Account or multiple Accounts

  • Go to the TT Invoice Headers,
  • Select the invoice by clicking the check box, from the invoice list view,
  • Click the Send Invoice button, which is on the right-hand side top of the screen,

  • You see a pop-up with the invoice details as Account name, Email ID, Invoice Number, and invoice Amount, etc.,
  • Check the details and click the Send Invoice button,

  • The invoice is emailed to the contact, and you see a message as invoice sent successfully.

Please find the sample invoice that will be sent to the customer.

Click here to know more about editing the existing Invoice template. And Here for creating a new invoice template

Note: The invoice will be sent to the contact that is set in the Invoice contact on the TT Invoice Header object. (The Invoice Contact is copied from the Invoice Contact from the Accounts object.)