There are 3 types of Task hours that you see in Salesforce.

This article explains more about the hours on the Tasks.

  • Total Hours on Task,
  • Assigned hours to the users,
  • Hours worked by the users on Task,

Total Hours on Task,

  • The Project Manager usually knows how many hours a Task will take to complete,
  • That many hours will be added in the Hours Assigned field while creating the Assignments,
  • You see the Hours Assigned field in the pop-up while creating an Assignment in the Gantt chart of the Project Management module.
    • e.g.: I am creating an Assignment as "Quality Check" that requires 50 hours of work. So I add 50 in the Hours Assigned field.
    • The 50-hour task can be assigned to individual user or to multiple users.

Assigned hours to the Users

  • After the Assignment is created, you should assign the tasks to the users,
  • Click the Assignments button, select the user from the list, and assign the Tasks to the users,
  • Add the number of hours in the hour's field. This is the hours that the user will work on the assigned task,
    • The hours on assignment might differ for each user,

Hours worked by the users on Tasks

In the TT Task tab, you see the total assigned hours of Task, Hours Logged, etc.

  • Go to the TT Task tab and click the Assignment name,
  • On the view page of TT Task,
  • You see the total Assignment hours in the Assigned Hours field,
  • Total Assigned Hours to users in the Tasks Assigned-Total Hours field,
  • The hours logged by the users in the Actual Hours Logged,
  • The approved hours on the tasks in the Approved Hours field.

Note: The total hours worked on a Project are shown in the Actual Hours logged on the Project view page.