You can enable the scheduler in your org to automatically send out an email with the user Time details for approvals.

The manager can then check the time details that he got in the email. You can reply to the email with any of the following words, with or without capitalization, to approve: ApprovedFineKOK, or Yes. Any other response will be taken as not-approved.

To enable the scheduler,

  • Go to Apex Classes from Setup and click the Schedule Apex button,
  • Enter the Job Name as Send approval email,
  • Search for "SendApprovalEmailScheduler" in the Apex Class field,
  • Select the frequency, from the below screen,
  • Start and End dates for the scheduler to execute and Save it.

Note: You can also schedule the email to be sent on a specific day of the month by selecting the Monthly option in the Frequency field.

e.g.: If the email has to be sent out for approval on the 10th of every month. Select the monthly option and select the day in the list and save it.