Invoices are intricately linked to several key objects within our system:

Accounts: The invoice is directed to an Account, serving as the primary link.

  • Crucial details like Account Name and address are integrated with the Invoice.

Contacts: Each Account is associated with a Contact, to whom the invoice is emailed.

  • Multiple contacts can be related to one Account, providing flexibility in sending invoices.
  • The fields used from the Contact object in the Invoice are Invoice Contact Name and Contact Email.

Projects: Project details are vital for accurate invoicing, especially when an Account has multiple Projects. Including Project details simplifies identification for the finance department.

  • The Project field from the Project object is utilized in the Invoice.

TT Material: Materials utilized in Projects are selected from the TT Material object.

  • The Material field from the TT Materials object is used to add material details to the invoice.

TimeTracker Flag: This object facilitates the addition of taxes within your organization for billable materials and services.

  • There are more than 20 default Flags in the PK4 TimeTracker, that can be used while generating the invoices.

Collection: The Collection object records the amount collected against each invoice. This provides visibility into collected amounts and outstanding balances.

By aligning these objects, our invoicing process becomes comprehensive and efficient, ensuring accuracy and clarity in financial transactions.