The Approvers or the users see the comments pop up on the details page of a time entry.


  • Navigate to the Pending tab in the Approval screen to view all time entries awaiting approval. If you wish to discuss a specific time entry with the user, click the eye icon at the end of the row. This action opens the time details page, and you will see the comments window on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Enter your comments in the provided space and click the send button to submit the comments. The TimeTracker user can now view your comments and respond accordingly. They also have the option to make corrections to the time entry based on the feedback provided in your comment.

TimeTracker users

  • Go to the My Time tab, and click the edit icon of a time entry,
  • You see the comments window on the right-hand side of the screen,
  • Add your comments and click the send button,
  • The comments are now visible to the approver.

NoteIn the current version of the TimeTracker application, you need to manually check if there are any comments for a time entry. We are planning to introduce a feature that will notify you when there are new comments added to a time entry.