Imagine the users in your org are tracking time to Cases using the Auto Tracking component. If the user does not check out (close the browser) and leaves the case open. The timer continues to track time until the browser is closed.

e.g: If the case is opened on a Friday at 4.30 p.m. and the user only locks the desktop/laptop screen and leaves the office.

When they return to the office on Monday, the time tracked for that specific case is more than 48 hours.

To fix this type of problem we can write a validation rule. 

Validation rule: AND(  isAutoCheckedOut__c = true,  ISCHANGED(<EndDateTime>) ) 

The validation rule works as below

  • We will add a check box as "Auto Checked out", in the TT Details tab,
  • The validation rule that is created will auto-checkout the users after 3 hours of their check-in. Or will be checked out according to the duration that you want the users to be checked out, and the auto checked out check box is enabled,
  • When the user returns to the office on Monday and closes the browser tab. The check-out time still shows as Friday and not on Monday. As the check-out time is already updated from the validation rule,

Note: Sometime the user might work on a specific case for more than 3 hours. Then they can enable the checkbox "Auto Checked out" and stop tracking time. This TT Detail record will show the time the user manually stopped tracking time using the Auto Tracking component.