You can create a scheduler to automatically create invoices for the time tracked in your org. Click here to know more.

By creating the scheduler, it will automatically create the invoices for all the time details of a Project.

If the date is not specified, then when the scheduler executes again, it will create invoices for all the time details again and there will be duplicate invoices.

  • The flag "start-timestamp-for-time-details-in-next-invoice-run" allows you to set a date and time,
  • By setting the date and time in the "text Value" field, the invoices get created only for the time sheets that are created after the date and time that are set in the Text Value field.

Note: Please make sure that you change the date every time after the invoices are created/the scheduler has executed in your org for creating the invoices.

So that there are no duplicate invoices created in your org.