The flag "enable-invoice-detail-trigger" is used for calculating the final invoice amount.

The final invoice amount is calculated based on the Project Hourly rate, hours worked by the TT user on an Project, Tax, and Surcharges and then billed to the customer.


By default, the "enable-invoice-detail-trigger" flag is activated in the org. Should you wish to deactivate this feature:

  • Navigate to the TimeTracker Flags tab.
  • Locate the "enable-invoice-detail-trigger" string.
  • Adjust the Text Value from 1 to 0.
  • Save the changes to implement the modification.

After deactivating this trigger, it will be the responsibility of the manager to manually compute the invoice line amount, along with taxes and surcharges.

Note: The hourly rate for the project is multiplied by the hours logged by TT Users. If the hourly rate for the project is not specified, the application calculates the hourly rate of the user and includes it in the invoice details.