By enabling the "enable-send-invoice-emails-to-customers" flag, invoices will be automatically emailed to the customers after the invoice generation in your org.

You should also create a scheduler to create invoices by following the instructions here.

Send invoice email flag is by default enabled in your org,

To deactivate the automated invoice emails:

  • Navigate to the TimeTracker Flags tab.
  • Locate the "enable-send-invoice-emails-to-customers" string.
  • Modify the "Text Value" to 0.
  • Save your changes.

By setting the Text Value to 0, the automated emails will be disabled, and invoices will not be sent to contacts until triggered manually.

Note: A Text Value of 1 indicates that the flag is active.

After the flag is disabled, you should email the invoice manually.

To email the invoice manually,

  • Go to the TT Invoicer Headers tab
  • Search for the Invoice that you want to email to the customer,
  • Click on the invoice number, and check the invoice details
  • Click the Send Invoice button,
  • Now the Invoice is emailed to the Contact marked in the "Invoice Contact" field of an Account.