The invoices can be generated only with the time tracked for a Project. Or you can add the materials price in the invoice and bill it to customers.

e.g.: If it is a construction company, you can add the labor price along with the materials used for construction.

If the invoice is generated already and if you want to add the materials to the invoice, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the invoicing tab, and click on the invoice number to which you want to add the materials,
  • Go to the TT Materials used tab, and click the New button,
  • Add the materials used and save it,

If you are creating the invoice manually,

  • Go to the Invoicing tab and click the New Invoice string,
  • Provide the Account and Contact details for the invoice.
  • Verify and fill in the Invoice date, Due date, and any other necessary information.
  • Select the Project, add the time entries by clicking the clock icon,
  • Switch to the Material sub-tab within the invoice interface.
  • Enter the material details along with the quantity.
  • The system will automatically calculate the material cost and include it in the line item amount, along with taxes and surcharges.
  • Review the final amount displayed in the Final Total field.
  • Once satisfied, click the Save button to create the invoice