The Project Management module is used for Project planning, resource allocation, and scheduling. It enabled Project Managers as well as entire teams to control their budget, time, etc., throughout a Project.

The Project Manager can create Projects, Assign Tasks, Re-assign Tasks, check the assignments and increase/decrease the task Assignment days, etc.,

More details below

  • Create a new Project for assigning Tasks. Projects can be created from the Project Management module by following the instructions here. You can also create a Project from the Projects tab by following the instructions here
  • Task Assignments: After the Project is created, you can assign Tasks to the users
    • Create Template Task and assign a Task to the user, click here to know more
    • Assigning Tasks to users without using Template Projects, click here to know more
  • There are multiple tabs from where you can assign tasks to the users. Click here to know more,
  • Follow the instructions here if you want to re-assign a task that is assigned to an user already,
  • Click here to know more about the Assignments, Gantt, Board and the Resources tab
  • Change the status of an assigned Tasks, by following the instructions here
  • You can edit the assigned tasks by following the instructions here. By editing, you can increase or decrease the assigned days of a Task. Re-assign the Task to another user, update the progress status of an Task, etc.,