You can set the default Tax and Surcharges from the "TimeTracker Flags".

To set the default Tax or Surcharge

  • Click the TimeTracker Flags tab in Salesforce
  • Enter the TimeTracker Flag name, 
  • Enter the text as "invoice-header-tax-rate" for Taxes and as "invoice-header-surcharge-rate" for Surcharge
  • Data Type, and other details,
  • Click the Save button to save it
  • The details you save here are shown in Tax and Surcharge fields while creating the invoices.

You can edit the Tax and Surcharge details in the Invoice also

  • By default, you see the Tax and Surcharges that are set in the TimeTracker Flags,
  • You can edit the Tax or the Surcharge percentage by clicking the up/down arrow or edit the percentage directly by clicking the Tax or the Surcharge field.