There are two ways to bill the customer, 

  1. The Project Hourly Rate, or
  2. Hourly Billing Rate

  • The Project Hourly Rate: This is the field on the Project. The Project Hourly Rate is used for calculating the Bill amount for customers against their Project on an Hourly basis.  Ex: Bill AmountProject Hourly Rate * Time Worked 
  • The Hourly Billing Rate: This is the field on the TT User object. Some Projects will not have the Project Hourly Rate, in such cases, the Hourly billing Rate is considered and billed to the customer. e.g: Bill amount= Hourly Billing  Rate * Time Worked

Project Hourly Rate


If the Project Hourly Rate is $100, and if a user has worked for 10 hours on that Project, then the billable amount will be $1000. (10x100=1000)

Hourly Billing Rate

The billing can be from the User's Hourly Billing Rate also.

e.g: There are 2 users with the Hourly Billing Rate as below

1. User John and his Hourly Billing Rate is $50

2. User Jessica and her Hourly Billing Rate is $ 55

And both the user John and Jessica worked for 10 hours on Neon Consulting. Then the billing amount to Neon Consulting is $1050 (John 50x10 and Jessica 55x10) and Taxes.

Note: If the Hourly Billing Rate is not specified to the users. If the Project Hourly Rate is $100, then we can directly bill Neon Consulting with 20 hours multiplied by $100 and the total will be $2000.