If there are Projects with the same set of Tasks, the TimeTracker administrator can create predefined Template Projects. Then use the same template for multiple Projects.

Click here to know more about creating an Independent Template Task using Template Project.

Applying a Template Project to a Specific Project

  • Go to the Project Management module,
  • Select the Project from the Gantt tab
  • Click on Apply Template button
  • You see a list of Template Projects in your org,
  • On clicking the Apply button, it will convert the Independent Template as TT Task for the Project

After the template is applied to the Project, the Project Manager can assign the tasks to the users

  • Select the Task (blue bar), for editing
  • Click the Edit button,
  • Modify the Start and End Date for the Task,
  • Set the Duration and assign Hours (per day hours),
  • Click + Add Assignments button, select the user from the list
  • Click Done to save

  • Now the Template is created, added to Project, and assigned to users.
  • The same Template Project can be used for multiple Projects.

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