You can create Independent Template Tasks that are not related to a specific Template Project from the "Independent Template Tasks" Tab.

  • Go to the "Independent Template Tasks" tab in Salesforce,
  • Click the New button,
  • Enter the Task Template Name,
  • Do not select Template Project details,
  • Status, Priority, (Optional), etc.,
  • Click the Save button to save the Independent Template.

Note: There is a field as "Offset Days". Enter the days in this field. The Start date of the Task will depend on the days set in the Offset Days field for a specific Project.

  • e.g: Project "Super Technologies" starts on the 1st of Jan 2023
  • Template Project "Electrical Tasks"
  • Independent Task
    • Task Fix the Television as offset days and is set to 5 days and duration days as 5
    • Task Fix the Washing Machine has offset days as 10 days and duration days as 3
  • When you create a New independent Template Task for the "Electrical Tasks"
    • The Start date for the Task "Fix the Television" will be 5th Jan 2023 and ends on the 10th Jan 2023
    • The start date for Task "Fix the Washing Machine" will be 10th Jan 2023 and ends on the 13th Jan 2023.