The number that you see on the Resources screen is the duration hours of the Task Assignments

  • You can add hours to the Task assignment if you assign a Task from Assignments or from the Resources Tab,
  • There is a field as "Hours Assigned" in the System Calculations section
  • The hours that you add in the Hours assigned field are split into the number of Task assignment days,
  • You see the hours assigned details in the resources screen
    • e.g: If you add 6 in the Hours Assigned field, and the Task assignment is for 3 days, then you see the hours like 2 in the Resources tab, that means the Task is assigned to the user 2 hours per day for 3 days that is equal to 6 hours of work.

Note: You see the Hours Duration field if you assign a Task using the new button from the Assignments screen or from the New Assignment from the Resources tab.

You see the Hours duration details as in the screenshot below only if you select the "Week" option in the Timeline scale.