By default, the Task Assignment tab shows the data of the current month's assignments, to change the filters

  • Click the filter icon
  • In the pop up screen you see the date filed to set the date filters,
  • Select the date range from the Range field and click the Apply button.
  • Now you see the data as per the date range that you selected in the Filters.
  • By clicking the Apply button in the filter screen, you temporarily set the filters, i.e, you see the changes only until you are in the Task Assignment screen. The filters are not saved if you go to any other tab or log out of Salesforce.

Note: If you want the save the filters permanently, click the "Save Preferences" button, that is near the filter icon, after clicking the Apply button. You see the message as Page Preferences saved successfully and the filters are saved.

Please Note: The filter changes that you make in the My Task tab applies to All Tasks also.