There are 5 sub-tabs in the Project Management module,

  1. Assignments,
  2. Gantt,
  3. Board, 
  4. Resources, and
  5. Table

All the tabs show the Tasks assigned to you, if you are the Manager to TimeTracker users you see the Tasks assigned to the users that report to you.

And if you are a Salesforce Administrator, you see all the Tasks Assignments in your org.

1. Assignments:

  • In the Assignments tab, My Tasks shows all the tasks assigned to you
  • The All Tasks tab shows the tasks assigned to the user that reports to you,
  • By default, the Assignments tab shows the Tasks assigned in the last month. You can change the filters using the filter (Save Preferences) option
    • Save the filters by clicking the "Save Preferences" option
  • You can view the Tasks assigned to a specific user by using the search option in the All Tasks tab,
  • The Assignments tab shows some default fields in the view, to add/remove the fields, use the "Show/Hide Columns" option
  • Use the Edit (pencil) icon to edit the Task Assignments.

2. Gantt:

  • To view the Task assignment of a specific project, use the Gantt tab
  • Select the Project from the Project field, then you see all the Task assignments of the selected Project on the screen,
  • The Task assignment shows the user initials to whom it is assigned. Hover on the initial icon to see the full name of the user,
  • If the same task is assigned to multiple users, then you see the initial icon, and the number of users counts (+4), as in the screenshot 
  • Click the Task assignment name to view in detail to whom the Tasks are assigned,
  • Click here to know more about assigning a Task from Gantt Tab.

3. Board,

  • In the Board tab, you see the Task assignments according to the status of the Task,
  • There is a section as Backlog, and Statuses as In Progress, Testing, and Done

    • Backlog: By default, when a Task is assigned to the user, the status is set as New and shown in the Backlog list,
    • Work: When the users start working on the Task, change the status to Work, and it will get saved in the "In Progress" list,
    • Test: When the user has completed the work and is in the final stage you can change the Status to Testing, and the Task gets added to the Testing list,
    • Done: After the user finishes the Task and confirms, change the status to Done, which means the assigned task is completed and the completed tasks are shown in the Done list.
  • Hover on the people icon to see the user names to whom the Task is assigned.

4. Resources tab

  • The resources tab shows the Task assignment of each user in sections
  • You see the user names on the left-hand side and the Tasks assigned to them
  • By default, the Resources tab shows the Tasks of the current month,
  • You can change the resources view to Week, or Day using the Timeline scale that is on the right-hand side of the screen
  • You also see the total hours assigned to the user in the Resources tab, with the green background, and the overloaded loaded hours are highlighted with Red.
  • Note: The background color of the Task assignment is according to Project and not according to the Task assignment.
    • i.e., All the Tasks related to a project are highlighted with one color for all the users.

5. Table:

The Table tab is like a list view, that shows data from all the objects of the TimeTracker application like

  1. TT User,
  2. Task Assignment,
  3. PTO Details
  4. TT Expenses
  5. TT Details, etc.,

  • Select the object from the "Select Object" field to see the data of the selected object.
  • Click the Save Preferences string, if you want to see the same data every time you go to the Table tab.
  • The Table tab shows the data in Table, Tree, or Chart format.

Note: Click here to know more about editing the assigned tasks