You can change the status of the assigned Task from the 

  • Assignments Tab, or
  • Board Tab.

To change the Task Status from the Assignments tab,

  • Go to the My Tasks tab, from Assignments,
  • Click the edit button,
  • In the Edit Task Assignment popup,
  • Change the Status from the Status field, and Save it

Note: You can change the Status of Tasks assigned to you from the My Tasks tab. Use the "All Tasks" tab to change the status of the Tasks assigned to the users that report to you.

To change the Status from the Board Tab

  • You see the list of assigned Tasks in the Backlog list
  • Click the pencil icon, change the status
  • Click the Save button.

Now the Task Assignment status is changed and gets added to the correct column as per the status.

There are default statuses as

  • Backlog: By default, when a Task is assigned to the user, the status is set as New and shown in the Backlog list,
  • Work: When the users start working on the Task, change the status to Work, and it will get saved in the "In Progress" list,
  • Test: When the user has completed the work and is in the final stage you can change the Status as Testing, and the Task gets added to the Testing list,
  • Done: After the user finishes the Task and confirms, change the status to Done, which means the assigned task is completed and the completed tasks are shown in the Done list.

If you want to add more Status for the Task in your org, please contact the Salesforce Administrator at your org. And we will add the new statuses from the backend, as there is no option to add the new status from the frontend.

We will give an option to add new statuses to your administrator in the upgraded version of the TimeTracker application.