After the task is assigned, the Users will start working on the Task. They also update you the status of the assigned Task.

You/Manager should manually update the percentage details in Salesforce.

To update the percentage details 

  • Search for the assigned Task and click it in the Gantt chart
  • Click edit from the pop-up
  • Update the percentage by
    • Manually adding the percentage details,
    • Click the + button to increase the percentage, or
    • Drag the scale bar in the Taskbar (blue bar)
  • Click the Done button to close the pop-up (you see the Done button if you make changes from the Edit option)
  • The changes are saved and you see the percentage of the Task progress details in the second screenshot below

Note: If you hover over the taskbar, you see the Task progress percentage or you see the difference in the color of the taskbar.

The completed percentage is dark blue and the remaining is light blue in color.