You should manually update the progress of the assigned Tasks.

To update the progress, of the assigned Tasks, talk to the users and get the updates. Then add those details in the Project Management app manually

An option will be given where the users can update the status/progress details of the assigned tasks using the TimeTracker Mobile or the Web app. And the same will be updated in Salesforce automatically.

In the current build, you should manually update the status of the assigned tasks by following the instructions below

  • Go to the Project Management tab in Salesforce,
  • Click on the assigned Task (blue bar),
  • In the Task, details pop up, drag the Progress bar, and set the Task Progress,
  • You can make changes to the progress field every time you get the updated status of the assigned tasks from the users. And you will know how much work has been completed and plan for other task assignments for the users.
  • To change the Status of the assigned task go to the Board tab and change the Status of the assigned Tasks,