Limitation of Salesforce's Gantt Tab in Project Management Module

Salesforce has a default limitation that only allows the display of 200 Projects in the Gantt tab in the Project Management module for Task Assignments. This can be problematic if your organization has more than 200 Projects. However, there is a solution to this problem.

Filtering Projects for the Logged-In User: Filter the Projects so the logged-in Salesforce user sees only the Projects that are related to them. This is useful because it helps to keep the user organized and focused on their tasks. There are various ways in which you can filter Projects in Salesforce. Some examples include:

  • Marking the completed Project as Inactive: This is a simple way to filter out Projects that have already been completed. In this way, the user can focus on the active Projects that require their attention.
  • Setting up the Project Owner/Manager: This is another way to filter Projects. By setting up the Project Owner/Manager, the user can see only the Projects that they are responsible for.
  • Adding Project Status: Adding Project Status is a great way to filter Projects. By adding a status to each Project, the user can filter Projects based on their status (e.g., In Progress, On Hold, Completed, etc.).
  • Unchecking the Managed Project check box: This is another way to filter Projects. By unchecking the Managed Project check box, the user can filter out Projects that are not relevant to them.